Molten Core? Molten Bore more like…

So, last night we at the Ravens had a retro gaming night. Having
never really got our act together enough to conquer Zul’Aman prior to the
expansion we decided to go back there and give it a thorough shoeing.


Success took us just over two hours with three bosses on the
timer. Leafy has some nice pics and a more detailed story here


At that point we were at a loose end and decided that as most
of us had never seen molten core, we would take a little jaunt there just for
the scenery.


And what a let down it was. Obviously I am a bit spoiled now
with how pretty WotLK looks, but please, it looks no different from several of
the other old instances. Was this really the pinnacle of achievement back in
the good old days?


I am hugely grateful that I never got into the forty man
raiding scene. Not only does it look ugly and all too familiar, but the mobs seem
to be just plonked down randomly. I think I would have stabbed my eyes out in
frustration many times over if I had had to put up with this for as long as
people say it took, let alone having to repeat it over and over. Why would
anyone put themselves through that?

All clear on the Karazhan front

I should probably add to the previous post that this was the second run in a two part clear attempt that I organised.

Our first half took out most of the bosses that prevent progress. Moroes, Opera (Oz yet again!), Curator, Aran (for the teleport). We also managed Illhoof and Chess that night.

last night, we had a few late shows so gave Attumen a bit of a shoeing while we waited. Nightbane quickly followed, sending us then to Netherpsite as previously mentioned.

With only the Prince and Maiden remaining we decided to say hello to the big bad before going back to the start for her good self.

Just as we found out about the nice safe zones in the Prince’s room, Blizzard went and took the damn things out…*sigh*

So, we had to do this the hard way. First time had us with some very unlucky infernal positional and we wiped. On the second time, it all seemed to work rather well and he went down like a victim. I won the lovely hat token for Gradjo, being my first ever piece of T4 kit on any of my characters.

After that, the Maiden didn’t stand much of a chance to be honest.

The Ravens have finally cleared Kara!

Congratulations to everyone that helped in both parts of the run

Netherspite Down

Nightbane Dead.JPG

So, we finally got the old git

Netherspite had been our last hold out and was getting to be a bit of a thorn in the Ravens collective sides. After a few quick attempts he fell. Only the second time I’d been there at all, similarly for most of the others

Congratulations to Aberas, Andromache, Kezzle, Monarch, Priscilla, Psia, Rivelinho, Sprockette and Valkarn. I was there as Gradjo.