WotLK Itemisation – Boomkin

One of the things that has got me really excited about the
new expansion is the change from +healing/+damage to +spellpower.


One of my many alts is a Boomkin called Ashilandra and the
road to 70 was very rocky indeed. Whilst playing the class is great fun and I
did decent damage, I continually had to wear cloth items to get and spell
damage on them. It seemed, as far as Blizzard were concerned, that if you wore
leather, you were either a melee dps/tank or a healer :o (


This problem only got worse when I got to Karazhan where the
number of drops aimed specifically at a Boomkin was three. The two tier pieces
and a rather lacklustre pair of bracers from Attumen.


Sure, there are the rings, necklace, cloak, weapon etc that
every spell dps class will want, but where is the rest of my armour?!


Practically the only way to improve was to hit the
battlegrounds, and for me, that way lay madness.


Maybe I should be whining as it is only one spec out of 27.
Yet, I see +healing plate in there, only one class for that…


Anyways, by changing to spell power it means both balance
and restoration druids get to roll on the same kit and maybe I’ll finally start
playing Ashilandra again.

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